The radiation oncology clerkship provides outpatient experience

We welcome and encourage medical students interested in a career in radiation oncology to apply for a four-week rotation with us. Non-VCU students must apply through the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities.

We are now accepting applications for 4 week visiting student electives.  Apply through VSLO.

The radiation oncology clerkship provides outpatient experience in the workup and management of a variety of oncology patients. As part of the radiation oncology team, students will have the opportunity to do physical examinations and perform certain procedures with patient consent. Students will be included in all resident education experiences such as tumor boards, workshops, conferences and journal clubs.  

Priority for senior advanced clinical electives during blocks 1-5 (April-August) goes to fourth-year medical students who are interested in matching to a radiation oncology residency program. Fourth-year medical students who have matched to residency programs in other specialties and would like to broaden their understanding of radiation oncology are encouraged to apply for the advanced clinical elective during blocks 6-11 (September-March).  

Positions are limited. Please contact the program coordinator, below, if you have questions.

We encourage third-year medical students to apply for electives and clerkships in blocks 6-11.

Jo Lombardi, Program Coordinator

At this time we are only accepting shadowing medical students through the VCU Radiation Oncology Student Interest Group