Virtual Radiation Oncology Rotation at Virginia Commonwealth University

As we find many institutions are not allowing in person away rotations, we have collaborated with radiation oncology programs across the country to explore ways to deliver a virtual experience for medical students.  While you will be missing the hands on experience of rotating through our department, we want to provide you with virtual training that will keep you engaged and interested in this incredibly diverse and challenging field of medicine.

Along with self-paced on line learning you will also be rotating with Dr. Emma Fields, Residency Program Director, who specializes in GYN and GI cancers; Dr. Douglas Arthur, Chairman Radiation Oncology, who’s expertise is in breast cancers and Dr. Timothy Harris, who specializes in CNS and Pediatric cancers. 

During your 2 weeks you will have the opportunity to participate in real patient encounters via zoom or phone, learn how to obtain a relative history and diagnostic workup, learn contouring systems and treatment planning, attend multi-disciplinary conferences, interact with faculty and residents, participate in resident education sessions and explorer Richmond, VA.

You must have reliable and secure access to the internet and an operating system that allows you to access our patient information systems.  Between July and October our availability is limited to 4th year medical students seriously considering a career in Radiation Oncology.

If you are interested please submit your application through VSAS.


Jo Lombardi,

Residency Program Coordinator

Department of Radiation Oncology

Virginia Commonwealth University